February 15, 2008

the upside down tree that is also going a bit astray

the lightning is a true story, that is what it looks like in real life, of course it is more dramatic at night, thats whey they took the photo at night. usually the thunderstorms and the lightening happen at about 15.30pm until about max 16.15pm(but it can also happen at other times) so its in the middle of paper rounds, so iether you can deliver the papers before hand and risk getting shouted at cos the papers get full of rain, or you can put the papers in plastic and try to ride really fast and miss the storm and if it arrives hide in someone's garage during the storm and then carry on after the storm, that way you dont get shouted at. Also you miss the dogs because they go inside when it rains cos their owners really care about them. But there are lots of things a kids gotta do other than do a paper round which is why its not always an option to put all the papers into plastic it takes a long time.
the pictures are not about paper rounds at all, thats why there is some writing, it just reminded me. Like for example, if you live in a house made of corrugated iron then the hail would make a lot of noise and also probably the sand that the corrugated iron is in, would get quite full of rain and the corrugated iron might tilt a little.

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