July 8, 2016

lightness of drawings

Gabriel watching telly and eating salamino. it doesnt really look like him... but it was quite dark and he was very wriggly and I will think about this picture, because sometimes pictures make themselves a certain way for a reason. I was trying to just do light drawings, not very laboured. Just to see what happens.

I want to paint.  This is how I am starting.
I miss painting the way I miss people.

Fetching Gabriel,who is 3,  from school. 

Can you see what it feels like?
I always wanted to paint and draw Gabriel as he grew. 
He's already 3, time is flying away... I want pictures of him when he's still little.
I did some paintings of my little sister when I lived in London. I loved those paintings so much.
They connected me to my sister because I made them with my hands and my heart thinking of my sister.  I dont have them anymore. Time will tell why that is....
I would like to paint people I love again.  There is a time and place for everything.

My hands are more powerful than me.

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