August 1, 2016

spider drawing

this I drew in the afternoon, the same day I finally went to the fantastic  Antonio Ligabue exhibition at the very famous palace of Palermo called Palazzo_dei_Normanni
I need to write about the exhibition, it is still brewing in me. I wont even attempt to write any adjectives now, suffice to say, that it totally struck a cord with me and I LOVED the exhibition. Bravo Palermo!!

It was also great to have some cultural stimulation, and see something contemporary that makes you think and is soul food. Did I mention that I miss London and all of it's exhuberence and creativity and vitality.
Oh well, we have some here too... slowly but surely I'm finding bits of it. It's just in different forms. But I am finding other awesome things along the way, its a different way of looking!
A bit more hard work, but it will get easier... I am sure.

I shall write about it soon.

Gabriel is on holiday now, which is fantastic, we're planning and going on all sorts of cool day trips. Yesterday, for starters, we went to a pebbly beach in Finale, just past Cefalu, and did a lot of really good swimming in the 'mare' and other things. Only tiny glich was that i forgot our sandwiches at home for our picnic, but hey ho, we had chips juice and smarties!
Next time I shall try harder to be a bit more Italian with my food supplies!

 But now I must go.. 

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