September 25, 2016

2 days of drawings and cat and mouse

First this drawing. I made this on Friday and Saturday. It's a sort of reaction to my week of drawings [and all that they carry in their pockets] and also, maybe, a little bit of a response to something I heard by Tich Nhat Hanh, where he talks about taking one step and breathing out one breath at a time, together, slowly.  I like that, its very comforting.

But of course I don't think this drawing comes across as comforting at all, but somewhere inside there, there is comfort, in the light, and the space, and the gaps. But I dont find it disturbing iether.. I dont know.. I'm not sure. Let us see what happens.

If one day I can paint with my oil paints again on different sized canvases all at the same time in stages, in some space, then I think these drawings will say a bit more. 
We are hoping and imagining in ernest! but also trying to just do the Tich Nhat Hanh stuff... which at least I can do! because the other seems so unreachable.   Anyway.. 

And now this one, which I made yesterday and today. I called it: "Holding on to my glowing kandinsky fishes"
Funny, now that I see what I have just written about the first picture, and I wasn't even thinking of this one or looking at it, it kind of pre-empts this one. In fact, it felt so comforting to make this picture of the fishes being held, and the fishes having energy and warmth and mystery.
the quirkiness of images and how they weedle themselves out of the 'hiddenest' places.

I think in a way, these pictures are like a cat and mouse game between groundedness and groundlessness. among other things.

Let us see what the Crayons bring forth next!!

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